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Economic Melt-Down - Is Now the Time to Buy an RV?
By Randall Eaton
Sept 30, 2008
If you're like most consumers you are on the sidelines waiting to see how Wall Street and Main Street react to this economic melt-down. Will the 700 billion bailout work? How long will it take for the economy to recover? Questions like theses and others have RV buyers nervous and wondering if they should buy now or wait until 2009 to purchase an RV.
For those that have money and are not worried about what's happening on Wall Street now is an excellent time to buy an RV. Inventories are high and demand is low. RV dealers are slashing their prices to lower their inventories. But if you're worried about the future then 2009 will still be a good time to purchase an RV.
Most analysts are saying this recession will last about eight months and about this time next year things will start to improve. RV sales are down about 35% across the country and buyers are seeing some amazing discounts. My advice is buy now or early 2009. This will be the best time to purchase an RV and save thousands in the process.
The amount of money one saves now will pay for their gas for years to come. Another positive sign is gas prices are falling and oil is below $100 a barrel. If gas prices continue downward, 2009 should see some improvements in RV shipment levels. I still think we have some rough times ahead and I am somewhat optimistic that things will turn around but not for at least eight months. But as I have said, this is a great time to buy an RV and save additional money if one has the cash and good credit.

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