Saturday, October 04, 2008



Greg Gerber of RVINEWS

CASPER, Wy. -- The $6.5 million contents of the buildings at the luxury travel-trailer manufacturer Teton Homes were sold for slightly more than $1 million at a Sheriff's auction Thursday morning on the front steps of the Natrona County Courthouse.

Zions First National Bank made the only bid for the personal property and fixtures -- except motor vehicles -- and its attorney signed the paperwork after the auction.

Sheriff's deputy Gus Holbrook stood in front of the courthouse, declared the auction open at 10:30 a.m. sharp, and read the foreclosure sale notice from Zions.

Bank attorney Harry Durham requested Holbrook to not read the more than two pages detailing the equipment, including woodworking machines, welding systems, work platforms, a 25-foot by 65-foot paint booth, ventilation systems, monorails and hoists, lockers, office furniture, raw materials, and three patents and three trademarks.

The equipment was sold as one lot, and Zions took it all.

SOURCE: Star-Tribune

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