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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fleetwood Enterprises Inc. laid off more than 400 workers nationally Friday (June 13) in the latest move to cut costs amid dropping demand.

"We're trying to match production to market demand, and the demand is down considerably right now," said company spokeswoman Kathy Munson in a report by the Press Enterprise, Riverside.

Munson said workers were notified Thursday evening and Friday morning, and the layoffs are effective immediately. They include 34 production, development and service positions at the company's facilities at its headquarters in Riverside, Calif.

The Press Enterprise reported that Friday's 463 total layoffs include 301 workers at Fleetwood's diesel motorhome plant in Decatur, Ind., and another 128 at a gasoline motorhome facility in Paxinos, Pa. According to the Fort Wayne Ind. Journal Gazette, 43 workers were also cut at a trailer factory in Crawfordsville, Ind., and 57 at the company's travel trailer plant in Edgerton, Ohio.

Munson said it is still possible that workers will be brought back if the economy improves, but workers would need to reapply for those jobs.

"It's our hope and belief that the market will come back," she said.

She said the company still has about 8,000 workers at 28 plants nationwide.

In April, Fleetwood cut 48 local jobs and demoted dozens of other workers in an attempt to reduce costs.

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