Wednesday, October 10, 2007



RV News

Patented new technology from Dow Automotive and TM Design Research is now available to help manufacturers of RVs achieve significant benefits in body and chassis systems. The patented new Injected-Core™ Molded Composite Body and Chassis System can help reduce weight while providing fuel savings, cost efficiencies and process efficiencies. Materials provided by Dow Automotive for this new system include foam and thermoplastic resins.

Now available for manufacturer testing and review, the Injected-Core™ Molded Composite Body and Chassis System enables designers to achieve more sculpted vehicle design and aesthetics. The molded one-piece bodies can be up to 50 feet in length, complete with molded-in metallic finish and interior surfaces. Up to 40% savings in labor costs may be achieved over conventional RV construction methods, which has been demonstrated via extensive testing and validation.

Benefits of the innovative Injected-Core™ Molded Composite Body and Chassis System include:

Sleek automotive-like styling, streamlined RV body
Lightweight body and chassis system, which results in improved fuel economy
One-piece molded construction eliminates roof and body water leaks
Improved vehicle lifespan and resale
Outstanding fit and finish
Better road handling with a lowered center of gravity
Lower labor costs, faster time to market
A major North American RV manufacturer is currently testing and evaluating the technology and others are expected to follow very shortly. Global roll-out is planned for 2008-09.

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