Tuesday, March 27, 2007



Mantua, OH - Mantaline Corporation solved the problem of seal leaks in RV slide rooms. Their new Manta-Slide™ Seal offers an integrated sealing solution to combat the problem of moisture penetration in the seams of slide rooms.

The Manta-Slide™ Seal's wiper action is designed to protect against moisture intrusion when slide rooms are being extended or retracted. It offers superior leak protection for a variety of slide rooms designs and can be engineered into new product designs or added to existing products as an aftermarket addition.

The Manta-Slide™ Seal's two-piece disign simplifies inventory management and offers reductions in both transaction costs and the number of SKUs manufacturers have to track. The seal assembly is delivered in two main components, with virtually all seals, sealants, and tapes pre-mounted. This design allows for easy installation and disassembly, which reduces repair times and warranty costs.

For more information, visit www.mantaline.com, call (800)321-0948, or email info@mantaline.com. 1

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