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APOLLO BEACH, Fla. - Officials of TM Design Research announced recently that licensing of the patented Molded Lightweight Vehicle Manufacturing Process (MLV Process) will be ahead of schedule due to development of a specialized injected composite structural foam that accelerates vehicle body production output, while significantly reducing manufacturing costs.

With the MLV Process, a large one-piece fiberglass vehicle body is quickly made to automotive quality precise dimensions, with a perfect exterior fit and finish. In the MLV Process, the fiberglass body skin is remarkably light in weight, but has more strength and rigidity than conventional vehicle body structures. This is made possible by specially developed automotive composite rigid structural foam, which is injected in a mold containing the fiberglass body skin and metal parts. The result is a low cost one-piece ultra lightweight large vehicle body of extremely high quality.

Additionally, the process uses no composite wood such as chipboard or plywood flooring, making StreamLiner trailers "formaldehyde-free," an attribute of increasing importance.

TM Design Research received US Patent 7,000,978 for The Molded Lightweight Large-body Vehicle Manufacturing Process, which will be licensed to selected recreational vehicle, bus, and truck companies internationally.

While agreements with three of the leading automotive and the RV industry majors preclude disclosures, we have been overwhelmed with the high level of interest in our new patent, remarked Jim Teeter, president of TM Design Research.

Five years ago, TM Design Research developed the patented SkyDeck RVs licensed under SkyDeck Industries LLC to Airstream and to Thor America. Airstream, under the leadership of then president Dicky Riegel, made the SkyDeck Airstream Motorhome the purchase choice of leading corporations and racing teams throughout the country and was recently featured as a centerfold in the December Robb Report.

Major benefits for RV's

The greatest benefits of the Molded Lightweight Large-body Vehicle Manufacturing Process will be achieved by the RV Industry where trailer bodies and chassis are too heavy, in an emerging fuel conscious marketplace, Teeter added.

According to an official of Porsche, the manufacturing technology and styling of contemporary RV trailers and motorhomes is where the automobile industry was in the 1930's.

There has not been a quantum step in RV travel trailer design and technology since the aluminum Airstream was introduced in 1937. At that time, Airstream adopted the latest in aircraft technology to lighten and streamline trailers. Today, 70 years later, molded fiberglass composite construction is common in the aircraft and the boat building industries where light weight, strength, high performance and streamlining is a standard requirement. The molded fiberglass composite RV body is long overdue and we are pleased to have received the basic patent for manufacturing process, commented Frank Messano, partner and inventor of the MLV Manufacturing Process and previously an aerospace consultant.

International Markets

The StreamLiner reduced weight and design capabilities have particular appeal to international markets, said Teeter. "Foreign markets in Europe and Australia have challenges that our StreamLiner process can easily meet. International consumers want high design and lighter weight towables since the vast majority of tow vehicles are powered by four and six-cylinder engines." he said "In addition, many international markets have narrow highways and challenging terrain, where our StreamLiner™ trailers will perform exceptionally well. even off-road."

Next Steps
Since receipt of the patent, Messano and Teeter have been very quiet about the new system, providing limited response to inquiries. The emails, calls and personal contacts from consumers, potential investors, manufacturers and dealer groups has been overwhelming, said Teeter. The innovative duo has determined that licensing its patented technology to key manufacturers within the RV industry will ultimately be their path of choice. “We followed that path with our SkyDeck product and believe that is the best way to proceed with our StreamLiner technology." said Teeter, who noted, annual industry unit volume and dollar sales, as well as growth history support their choice.

The RV industry is robust with annual sales exceeding $12 billion and 400,000 units manufactured. The towables segment, where the StreamLiner technology fits, represents 85 per cent of unit sales. Key industry members include Thor (NYSE: THO), Fleetwood (NYSE: FLE), Monaco (NYSE: MNC), Winnebago (NYSE: WGO) and Coachman (NYSE: COA).

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