Saturday, September 17, 2005



DTI RV Parts & Appliances has announced they have added several new product lines. Sea Tech quick connect plumbing fittings and tubing, Go Power inverters and solar battery chargers, Nordic remanufactured cooling units, Marinco Park Power detachable electric systems and JCJ vent screen protectors.
Trey Miller, VP Sales & Marketing commented, “These lines were added due to overwhelming dealer requests. We feel that these products fit well with our current mix and we look forward to long mutually beneficial relationships with each of the new manufacturers.”
DTI RV Parts & Appliances is the leading wholesale parts distributor in the Recreational Vehicle Industry. Supplying over 60,000 parts, appliances and components from over 250 brands and manufacturers to dealerships and service centers from locations throughout the United States. www.dtiparts. com.

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