Sunday, April 01, 2007



California dealer Manteca Trailer & Motorhome has ventured into the RV storage business, selling “condominiums” large enough to park a recreational vehicle, boat or store any other large item.

The Manteca Bulletin reported that units at Own Your Own storage condominiums start at $57,995 for a 560-square-foot space and run up to $125,990 for the 1,120-square-foot unit that features a 28-foot cathedral-type ceiling.

“It’s like a mini-storage but instead of renting them month to month, people are going to own them, just like owning a condo or a house,” Manteca Trailer owner Terry Davis said, noting that the concept is the first-of-its-kind in Northern California. “It’s the same concept as a mini-storage except these are very large units.”

The units come in three sizes: the smallest is 14 feet wide and 40 feet deep; mid-size units are 14 feet wide and 44 feet deep; the largest condo is created by purchasing two side-by-side 14x40-foot units.

“They’re sort of drive-throughs so you can drive your truck in one door and drive out the other way," Davis said.

Like a gated community, the owners will form a condominium association and will run the place, Davis said. “It’s going to be totally secured with camera systems all over the place and a locked gate at the front with 24-hour access,” he noted.

There will be actually two locked gates, according to the artists’ rendition of the completed project.

In addition, there will be an office up front plus a sanitation dump station and a wash area in the back of the property. Landscaping will be incorporated throughout the nine-acre property with plenty of grass areas.

Construction of the first phase of the project started last week. “We’ve sold nine of the units so far,” Davis said.

The first-phase units now under construction will be ready for occupancy in August, said Davis.

He thinks this is the trend of the future as residential developments are building homes that can’t accommodate motorhomes and trailers. Cities are also enacting ordinances to ban people from parking their RVs on the streets.

“Properties are getting smaller. There’s not much room for large RVs,” Davis said. “There’s a real need for places to put these big vehicles. But storage spaces are expensive. You go out and rent a space and they’re very expensive, plus you don’t own it.”

And just like any real estate property, the owners can lease their storage condos at any time. “We have one gentleman who bought a couple of them and he’s going to rent them out,” Davis said.

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